Blogging: Modern Day’s Literature

Critical Interpretation of a Digital Surrogate

The original digital fiction of “Slice” by Toby Litt is a work of literature constructed by the viewpoints of two different individuals in the form of blogs. Within the short story, a young girl and her family move to London to begin a fresh start after having lived in America for quite some time. Though the trip was intended to be temporary, the family resides there longer as we are told that the family who originally lived there has suddenly passed away in a car accident. The young girl, followed by her parents, end up going through a mysterious hole in the backyard of the property where the story ends in an unresolved manner.

The remediation of the short story into the form of blogs is successful as it allows the reader to experience and learn new, varying aspects and personal traits for each of the narrators. For one, Lisa’s blogs contain both current moods and current music. This information allows the reader to understand the thoughts and emotions that Lisa may be having at the time and allows us to engage with the characters and the story more effectively. The dates and times on both the parents and Lisa’s blogs as well as the working links to other digital and social media formats help make the story seem more plausible, which in turn help immerse the reader into the story. The blog format itself made reading the entire piece of literature much more enjoyable as the division of the blogs help keep the reader intrigued and excited to read further, compared to a traditional short story which may have big blocks of text all on one page.

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