Gaming: The Newest Form of Storytelling

Gone Home by The Fullbright Company, is a short story created in the form of an interactive first-person game. The game narrates the story of the return of Kaitlin Greenbriar as she returns home from studying abroad. Each character throughout the game is dealing with his or her own issues. Initially after playing the game, many players would believe that the story ends with the theme of sadness. Through further examination, it is evident that the theme of happiness is present during the final stages of the game.

At the beginning stages, Terry is depicted to be an alcoholic with all the booze that is lying around in his work space and we realize that he is slowly losing his job since his books are not selling. Janice, Terry’s wife is having an affair and is quietly slipping away from her family. Even Sam has her fair share of issues as the move to Portland has troubled her with her social life and she finds it difficult to share the details about her relationship with Loonie with her parents.

After further analyzing the game and solving some of the mysteries, it is realized that the characters are doing better than they are initially portrayed to be. Themes of hope and happiness are present during the latter part of the game as Loonie and Sam resolve their issues and Sam goes off to meet her lover. Terry has established himself with a new publisher and is writing books with a different outlook on life, making his new publications successful. Janice and Terry are also resolving the issues that they have with their relationship by attending the couples retreat, and it is evident that the couple are making a considerable effort towards fixing these problems through the advice book that is found in the washroom.

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